360 Degree Video Booth


Our 360 degree video booth has an LED platform to bring that extra sparkle to any event. It is manufactured and stress tested by experts to ensure a smooth, stable and professional performance. You don't have to worry about our platform caving during your event!

Lights, Camera, Action!

Our HD motion camera uses HyperSmooth technology to capture high definition quality.
To enhance the quality of the overall experience and final product, we bring state of the art lighting to set the scene at any event.

360 Booth Software

Our industry leading 360 booth software allows us to seamlessly customise your videos with interactive slow motion, reverse and other effects.
Once your video is recorded, our camera communicates with our software to optimise your video with all of your customised effects and designs. Customisable options also include your chosen song selection and bespoke overlay designs.

Expert Sharing Technology

Where a large majority of 360 booths fall short, we excel. Many video booths are limited when sharing videos by the quality of the internet available at the venue. Our expert sharing technology allows us to share your videos with your guests, even where there is no internet! We create our own high quality network at every event, which means we can always share your videos in real time!

Sharing station

At our staring station, your guests will be able to download their videos straight to their phones! You will also be provided with a gallery of videos at the end of the event.

360 Enclosure!

We can also customise your 360 video booth experience by installing a starlight 360 backdrop enclosure, which will provide a superb backdrop for your videos, This is where we stand apart! Our 360 booth enclosure provides the perfect backdrop for your videos! Add that special sparkle to your event!

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